The Music Industry Society's mission is to impact underserved communities by providing and supporting programs designed to build new schools and communities, provide clean water, food, education and medical cures for children across the globe. 


The Music Industry Society has a community of the top singers and musicians in the world.  Starting in 1997, our mission was to provide up and coming talent with opportunities to perform in order to give them the exposure needed to become successful in the music industry.  But while these talented musicians were struggling to find a place to perform, we learned that charity organizations were struggling too. They needed to find talented but affordable musicians to perform at their charity events. 


And then we had a thought: What if we connected musicians who needed an event to perform at with charities who needed performers for their event? 


That "one hand washes the other" philosophy is what drives us here at the Music Industry Society.   It's the philosophy that inspires our work to partner our community of talent with charity organizations and help them do good in the world.


























We empower celebrities, musicians and everyday individuals to turn hunger and poverty into hope and prosperity – but our approach is more than just giving a donation. The Music Industry Society links talented artists to charities and helps orchestrate unforgettable experiences. A mutual exchange that  brings new opportunities for building schools, providing clean water and helping children across the globe.


"Our goal is to connect celebrities, up and coming musicians and just everyday people to their own ability to create a positive impact in the world." 




The Music Industry Society is a social enterprise.


This means we are NOT a non-profit. We are for-profit company that uses 100% of our profits to do more social good. That means no bonuses to executives and no inflated salaries. The only reason MIS exists is to do social good.


All the funds raised through MIS Events are sent directly to our charity partners to implement the projects. This ensures an easy and transparent process for our campaign runners and their friends. Our goal is to help individuals make the hugest impact possible, by connecting them to charities and the projects they want to support.


To cover the costs of continuing to grow the impact of the MIS platform, The Music Industry Society receives 10% of the funds raised, after all of the money has been raised and received by our charity partner.

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If you are an MIS Member, a volunteer for our programs or from one of the charity organizations we partner with, we want to hear from you.  We want to hear your stories, your experiences with our programs and what The Music Industry Society means to you. We want to see your photos.  Click below and share your MIS stories and photos. 


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